Enter embers colored stretched, fire feeding hot air breathe swirl out with a thrust, inhaled taste. White dress struggles, chemical flowing keeps time in a chance a hand listening to the carpet where it would rest.. blind explorers a room at last, lip bite waitings now from chest to chest. Sit Up straddle, whispered orders unveiling blond locks up and over her face, these hands non-resting stalling at grips running over wild skin screaming taste. Glass shatterings echo to the door, outside laughter circle the fire that faded further, trails to our senses walking sprints, music sounding dilated pupils, each the others pray. Sheddings, layers, tangled legs holding arms keeping melting stench trading, not for apart. Sour the sweet, pinnacle sighs gasping for repeat to quenching hunger, never ending fixed fixes we fiend. Un-wheeled driven crash folding makes, free to call no waiting but later four letter share, mind, body, ecstasy, lady first ending two are tame.


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