Heated beads steaming into rolls charge at the sound of random aches finding the colour of my shirt, now lucky speratic night. Soaked eye lashes open to the sting of a cold sweat fumble in the dark in search for a clean wipe. Thoughts swirl untamed, new and feelings gallop shuffling flash cards, memory roller deck kicking up earth for clouding. Difficult to grasp a stop, a sit-up with fisted arm-stand only wanting my feet to settle for stable unlike this spinning ground.
Half second bolts torched, electric leaps landing sharp heels first the thoughts appear as pictures of emotions. Full halt arrival just as dashing, a hair nose photo finish before fully awaken. It’s over and I am halfway happy. Dreams fade along with the darkness like the baton handed to the light that brings vision, adjustment to my eyes. Unlit bedroom host a creeping streetlight, finger out shadows walking on walls and my only ally.
Tongue dry sanded paper, cotton mouth flavored swallowing signalled s.o.s. sendings to the feet with hand orders now seek the water I yern for. How ironic, emotions separate survival by twisting handles from bed time sounds I warmed now heartless taught my soul sorrow. Faucet pours like music handing relief while my tongue dances anxiously to the teasing splashings but the lips always have the first quenching.


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